Hi, I am Calee, Emotional coach and mom

I guide conscious women and men to find their authenticity and truest expression by transforming past trauma’s, negative believes and cultural and societal demands in order to create a life that is unique to your purpose and happiness. By tuning into your emotions you learn to love both the light and shadow side of it you will discover your unique talents and joy.

Work with me if you are:

  • Experiencing overwhelm of emotions, such as shame, anger, grief and would like to experience to co-regulation in a soft and safe setting
  • Ready to dive deep and transform your past, patterns, relational attachment and trauma.
  • A sensitive, conscious and an ( often over-) responsible human being that wants own your true potential and express your authentic self.
  • You carry an immense load of responsibility toward everyone and everything but I cannot “feel” yourself, including your joy, talents, body and purpose.
  • You have accomplished so much but you feel lost, alone and “ split” about your direction of life.
  • You don’t mind me using ‘ swear words’ occasionally

But also if you are:

  • Struggling with conscience parenting and or regulating your emotions and you want to heal these patterns in order to not pass them to your children
  • Ready to owe who are and go for what you desire


She has a very loving and embracing motherly/ sisterly presence and I felt comfortable expressing things I was ashamed and feeling guilty for. After session I felt so much more connected to myself, my heart felt more open and so much softer like after an ayauasca trip. My issue was being hard on myself and it has changed since the session. Thank you Calee 

B. from Germany

Thanks Calee for tuning so well in to my feelings and emotions. You guide me so well in our sessions. I feel deeply understood and seen and that alone in itself makes me so grateful. You are helping me to express anger without guilt and this gives so much relieve.
I also like how you take extra care to be sure I understand what the lesson of the session was about and how you give me tips to continue anchoring the learnings.
Yesterday’s session was deep and left me with the feeling of a big burden being removed and also with the sensation that my mind wires were being rearranged.
Thank you for doing this work

L. from Spain

It was mindblowing, I could feel the big changes immediately, especially in the way I express myself with confidence and sharing my thoughts without caring too much what others would think of me. I understand myself better and no longer caught in selfdoubt. Calee is so caring and kind. She creates a safe bubble for me to express my feelings authentically and to really feel through and understand them. I had sadness and fear but with her guidance, asking the right questions and her creativity I felt serene, happy and smiling in the end. The world need more Healers like her. thx calee.

Pia from Italy

I have booked a few sessions with Calee. The universe brought us together, and for this I am greatful. She is very intuitive and a great space holder for CP work. I knew I needed help with triggers coming up, and I scheduled our session. I was worried though because the day our session arrived, I was feeling good and peaceful. I talked a bit about some of the triggers I was having and we dove into this extreme fear to walk down the street where I was loving in Thailand. Our session ended up almost 3 hours and so many pieces of myself came up for love and integration. In the days following walking down this scary road here is like 100x’s better since our session… Such a relief/improvement to my every day life. It also created a snowball effect of integrations that keep happening weeks later. THANK YOU Calee for the great work.

A. from Canada

Calee is very kind and compassionate. Her openness and comfort made me open myself too with ease. She was able to intuitively dive deep into parts of me I was not aware then and to guide me to express, listen and understand them and myself as a whole . She knew what and when to say, what I needed , giving me the patience and presence the I couldn’t give to myself yet. I admire Calee for her courage , her compassion and determination in her purpose to help others . I feel that because of her experience and honestly caring about helping me she succeeded. That’s why I believe she is a great emotional coach and I would definitely recommend her.

G. from Greece

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